Creating innovative products in the Age of Intelligence requires the right partner. Leveraging our Collective Innovation and cross-industry expertise, Falcom works with your team to turn big ideas into breakthrough products, partnering with you from sketch to production.

Partner with experience

Your product strategy demands a partner that thinks as big as you do. With deep design and engineering experience, Falcon uses its resources, technologies, and know-how to develop your product with commercialization in mind. We offer access to early concept development, design and process optimization, simulation, prototyping, and testing. All to help you accelerate your time to market without sacrificing quality and reliability.

Think outside of the box

If you can dream it Falcon can bring it to reality. We will enable companies to work on cutting edge technology solutions. Big ideas can come with big unknowns in the Age of Intelligence. You need an experienced thought partner who knows how to turn your idea into the next big thing. Falcon co-innovates with you to vet, conceptualize, and test your idea. Whether your idea is fully detailed or just a back-of-the-napkin sketch, we can help propel it forward.

IoT the Internet of Things

Building intelligent ecosystems through connected devices - sensors, actuators, analyzers, & control systems.

Our areas of expertise include:

• M2M Communication and Integration

• Smart Sensor/Device design and Integration

• Local or Cloud & Analytics for smart system

• Security and Surveillance

• Home Automation

• Wearable Devices

• Wireless Connectivity, cellular (3G/4G), GPS, WLAN (Wi-Fi), short-range (Bluetooth/BTLE, NFC, RF)

• Industrial Automation